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4 Career Strategies for the Modern Woman
Stop and Take Notice to What Your Child can Teach You
Safety and Easy Access: Home Modification Tips for Disabled Parents
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Happy Pumpkin family an Easy Fun and Inexpensive #Halloweencraft

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4 Career Strategies for the Modern Woman

Women in the workforce face challenging barriers — some seen and many unseen. If you want to start a business, advance in your career, navigate sexism in the workplace, and break through glass ceilings, then you will have to develop a game plan for the future. Be assertive about promotions, be proactive about learning (and mastering) new skills, and surround yourself with encouraging and supportive allies like Moms, Kids, and Friends. When you apply these goals to your overall career strategy, you can lay the foundation for the kind of success you want. Here are a few more tips that can help women identify their career goals and create a plan for achievement.
Starting a Business
If you’re currently out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic or you’re unsatisfied with your current employer, what options do you have? Today, plenty of women start their own businesses. If you have a profitable idea, you could pursue entrepreneurship instead of traditional employment.
Should you choose to start your own business, you’ll want to take steps to protect your personal assets and save money during tax season. Structuring your business as an LLC is the best way to accomplish this. Filing for an LLC on your own can be a bit confusing if you’ve never done it before, but if you want to avoid high lawyer fees, you can take care of this by working with an online formation service instead. And how long does it take to register LLC? This also varies by location and how prepared you are with your paperwork (to name a few factors).
Planning for Advancement
Advancing in your career isn’t just about working up the corporate ladder — though that is how many people measure success. When you look out on your professional horizon, don’t just think about the job titles you want. Rather, ask yourself the following:

●     What are you passionate about?
●     What responsibilities would be a fun challenge?
●     What responsibilities would be unfulfilling?
●     What ideal benefits, aside from salary, would make you satisfied with your work-life balance?
●     What skills do I need to cultivate to propel me to this level?
●     What intentional and focused goals have I put in place to succeed?
Doing a little research will help you answer these questions in a way that balances your career goals with your personal goals. You can learn about the responsibilities for your aspirational positions and even write a cover letter or two for those positions to help you understand how you’d fit into the role. Some people toss a cover letter together at the last minute — missing the powerful role the letter plays in decision-making for most hiring managers.
When you customize a cover letter for the company and the position, you do more than just showcase your talents and abilities — you show how these can be a solution to their needs and wants. This, in turn, helps you better understand and articulate your own needs and wants, as well, so that when you are ready to take the next step in your plan for advancement, you have the confidence of knowing why both you and the job are a good fit.
Navigating Sexism

By amplifying the voices of women in the workforce, news and social media have been substantial influencers in changing the way women are treated professionally. But change doesn’t happen overnight — and perceptions and opinions about working women are often subtle and deeply rooted. Chances are likely that you will encounter sexism in your lifetime — a recent study found that 42 percent of working women experience gender discrimination on the job.
Managing sexist behavior or gendered comments can be intimidating and nerve-wracking, especially when they come for people in a position of power. Whenever you or someone else feels uncomfortable, fed up, or harassed, you should engage your organization’s human resources team. You should never feel like you have to tolerate someone’s sexist comments.  You can also help defuse emotions and model appropriate behavior by practicing comments for in-the-moment situations.
Shattering Glass Ceilings

Every company has one — the proverbial glass ceiling that few can see but all women can feel. Is your executive leadership team all male? Are your male counterparts paid more than you for doing the same job? It’s pretty common: In 2017, female workers only made 80.5 cents to the male-earned dollar — and that number hasn’t changed much over the years.
If you want to push through glass ceilings, you have to be prepared to take risks, stand up, and often stand alone. Women are 18 percent less likely to be promoted than their male coworkers, but age and ethnicity can sometimes play a role, too. You can peel back these layers of discrimination by:
●      Not accepting the status quo. Don’t stand by when someone tells you that “this is just the way things are done here.” Chances are other people feel the same way you do.
●      Easing people through the idea of change. If your leadership is resistant to change, you may have to take a more thoughtful, methodical approach to showing them why it is important to have diverse leaders at all levels.
●      Be persistent with your ideas. Recognize when someone is trying to shuffle your ideas into long-term parking lots. Check in often, be proactive about accomplishing tasks, and get others involved.
While women are making strides in the workplace, there is still a lot of work left to be done. Women hold more leadership positions and have higher pay than in the past, and this should bring you hope. It should also encourage and inspire you to continue moving your career forward.

For more inspiring content that supports women, especially moms, visit the Moms, Kids, and Friends blog often.

Stop and Take Notice to What Your Child can Teach You

As moms and parents we are always trying to teach our children something… how to communicate, how to play a game, how to behave, how to take care of their things and themselves....the list goes on…
But, have you ever stopped and listened to learn from them? 

 I have always noticed, since my daughter could talk, that she compliments people.  Everyone- friends, moms, teachers, coaches, people we meet along our path of life, employees at stores we frequent - everyone!  I on the other hand, am not a big compliment person, never have been.  I think the compliments in my head, but never say them. 
My daughter, is so sweet and always makes someone’s day! 

She will compliment their hair yes, even girls with purple hair , jewelry, clothes, shoes, purses, whatever.  It is one of the best traits I think someone can have.  She  makes other people feel real good and I am blessed to have witnessed this for the past 11 years.  
I decided to take a lesson and learn from my daughter.  I complimented my sister she is also very complimentary of people and I told her I liked her outfit and her mod look.  

Then I complimented my daughter as well! 
She was wearing all hot pink and looked real cute!  I told her she looked great in pink!  She thanked me and I could tell it made her feel good!  
What I learned:     Complimenting people makes them feel good and making others feel good could make a difference in their lives, to tell people what I am thinking instead of just thinking it - makes me feel good and learning from my daughter is such a valuable lesson to me.  
What we share:    Lessons and learning is not just from mom to child but child to mom too.
Today, take a moment to tell someone you love, like or even a stranger how good they look or what you like about them.  I promise it will make their day and yours! 
Making a difference in some one’s life will put a smile on your face and theirs and making life so much more fun to live, don’t ya think?

Happy complimenting!  Dyan

Safety and Easy Access: Home Modification Tips for Disabled Parents

Safety and Easy Access: Home Modification Tips for Disabled Parents 
By Ashley Taylor 

For couples expecting a child, there’s always lots of work to be done around the house to get ready for the new arrival. There’s childcare equipment to put together, safety precautions to take, and changes to be made to the layout of your home. 

For disabled individuals, getting ready for a child means preparing a home to meet mobility limitations and eliminate problems that could make it difficult to provide the level of care a child needs. Disabled parents need to anticipate potential problems with everything from safely bathing a child to middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes. 

Setting up your childcare environment 

Being an effective parent and care provider means being prepared physically and anticipating your child’s needs. Having ready access to the nursery, or wherever you decide your child will sleep, is crucial. Set everything up so you can reach your child quickly with the least amount of exertion possible. Your child’s crib should be close by, near enough that you can hear him easily during the night. 

Be sure you have a reliable baby monitor (buy a new one rather than taking your chances with a hand-me-down). All baby-care supplies, including diapers, ointment, baby powder, bottles, and formula, should be stored within easy reach so you can get to them from another room (think convenience first). 

Ensure there are enough safety gates on hand to prevent the possibility of a crawling baby falling down a flight of stairs. Security gates should always be firmly anchored into the wall and not held in place by springs. If a disability makes it difficult for you to move around quickly, a security gate can provide peace of mind for you and your partner, as well as safety for your little one. Nail down any loose or frayed carpeting and remove throw rugs that could get snagged in wheelchair wheels. To improve room-to-room access, replace your door knobs with levers, which are easy to manipulate, especially when you’re in a hurry. Identify any furniture that could easily fall over (such as a footstool or small table) and have it secured to the floor or removed. Cabinets where cleaning supplies and other dangerous chemicals or sharp items are stored should have locks and be well-secured. 

Disabled-adapted child care equipment 

For a disabled parent, picking up a baby or small child repeatedly and moving around can cause a potentially damaging physical strain. Look for small, portable bathtubs designed to help disabled parents and car seats that swivel to make buckling and unbuckling a small child easier and less damaging to the back, neck, and arms. Consider getting a crib with a front-opening gate that doesn’t require reaching up over the side. Look for other ways to simplify caring for and moving around the house with a small child. Sometimes, being a disabled parent means having to be resourceful and inventive. 

Financial assistance 

If you are on Social Security Disability Insurance, you may be eligible for financial assistance if you’re providing in-home care for a child through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. In many cases, a disabled family of three making less than $2,213 a month is eligible for assistance. Check the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities rules to see if your family is eligible. If not, research the many subsidies and private grant funding available. 

Parenting is a hard job under any circumstances. It’s important to plan ahead, recognize what modifications are needed, and arrange your home to make child care as easy and convenient as possible. Always think in terms of safety and quick, easy access. 

Image courtesy of 

Thank you Ashley for reaching out to me to share your wealth of information on home modifications for disabled families raising children.  I am sure it is not always easy and I know that each day brings new learning opportunities as well as struggles, but also I know you find triumphs and I am grateful for you sharing some of them.  My hope is that this article reaches all families as a great resource to help them with their daily routines as well. Thank you for being a part of Moms, Kids and Friends and sharing your ideas about kids and life! 

If you would like to read more inspiring articles by Ashley, please visit her website at: 


All of my best, Dyan

#Halloween - Happy Monster Family

Happy Monster Family!

With #Halloween week in full swing the craft fun continues. This is a craft from a previous year, but we had so much fun making, I thought I would repost for all my new readers.  #Makethetime and #enjoythetime with your kids making these simple, fun and inexpensive crafts.  They add a lot of fun to your existing decorations and the time you spend making them with your kids is priceless!  All of my best, Dyan 
This craft started our #Halloween family and was easy, fun and inexpensive!  By the time we were done doing all of these crafts, my daughter was painting like a pro and really doing better than ever with a paint brush.   We finished with making a haunted house for all of them to hang out around.  
Items needed:  Paper towel rolls, scissors, miscellaneous paint colors, paint brush, googley eyes, black foam paper for mouth, hair and other add-ons, glue or hot glue gun. 
Cut the paper towel holders into miscellaneous sizes.
Paint using different colors - use your imagination.
Let dry. Fold in sides to make horns.
Glue on googley eyes.  Let dry.
Cut different shapes for mouths, hair and ears.
Glue on.
That's it!
What we learned:  To use our imagination with creating different looking monsters, colors and designs.  It was my daughters idea to do a tie-dyed one and a rainbow one.  Getting better at using a paint brush and filling in all the spaces as she painted.  Creativity with colors and shapes of mouths and hair.  Adults should do the cutting and use the hot glue gun.
What we shared:  #Halloween memories to last a lifetime, creating a family for our haunted house, quality time together and more decorations for our home. And of course lots of fun!



Happy Pumpkin family an Easy Fun and Inexpensive #Halloweencraft

Happy Pumpkin FamilyOne of my favorite fun inexpensive #Halloweencrafts. You also are #reusing some of the items from around your house!  My favorite thing to do when making crafts.  I thought I would share again.  I love #Halloween!  I love the childhood memories of picking a character for a costume (my mother made many of mine from scratch), dressing up and trick or treating.  The memories of #Halloween have changed for me over the years and now as a mother myself, #Halloween has become fun again!  My #Halloweencraft today is easy, fun and inexpensive, Happy Pumpkin Family.  For all you moms out there that say you can't be crafty, think again.  You can with a few products and some you might already have on hand.  All of my best, Dyan
All you need is:  paper towel roll, scissors, orange paint, paint brush, green tissue paper, black marker, googley eyes and a hot glue gun.
Cut the paper towel holder in 3 parts- small, medium and large.
Paint with the orange paint.  Let dry.
Tear off green tissue paper, stuff in top of holder and twist a stem.
Glue eyes on with hot glue gun or other glue.
And make a nose and a mouth with black marker.
That's it!  Fun, easy and inexpensive.
What you learn: Your child learns to think creatively by finding items around the house, strengthens hands for writing by painting and drawing mouths and noses.
What we shared: lots of fun painting and creating our pumpkin faces, and making our first home made #Halloween decoration and a fun memory!

Happy St Pattys Day Enjoy some #Leprechaunmagic

Enjoy creating memories with your child that you both will treasure for years to come!  All of my best, Dyan

We are keeping up with holiday traditions this year.  My daughter decided that she wanted to put out her special rainbow craft she made in preschool and every night we need to put out a gold coin for the #Leprechaun,  make a wish and leave it for the #Leprechaun to eat.....she said we did that last year,  I don't remember making St Patricks Day so involved, but she has insisted upon it.  
So, that is what we have done every night before she goes to bed, we take a gold coin and set it next to her special rainbow, she closes her eyes and makes a wish.  Really and truly a precious moment to experience!!  
Yes, it is a lot of work to remember to open the coin at night (or morning) if I forget the night before, and dispose of the candy, but it is worth it. She loves the idea of putting out a coin and making a wish and hoping for that #Leprechaunmagic!  
This one might not be for you, but I can't help playing a long.  For many reasons,...she believes in the magic, it is exciting for her to do every night and it is something she looks forward to every evening.  But, the most important reason of all for me, is I know these moments of believing in the fairy tales of life (Santa, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny) will soon be coming to pass.  So yes, I will go along with her and cherish each and every second of  these childhood beliefs.  I will believe in the magic and relish in her belief  in the magic of the #Leprechaun.   May your days be filled with the simple pleasures of life seen through the eyes of your child.  May the magic of the #Leprechaun fill your home with joy.  All of my best, Dyan

#maketime & #taketime

St. Pattys day fun - new traditions and making memories with your kid


Here's a repost that I always enjoy reading as it brings me back to that day in preschool....bittersweet memories.

Today, as I re-read this post,  it made me laugh out loud several times as I revisited my memories of the past St. Patty's days shared with my kid and how it has evolved over the years.  

My wish for you is that you too can make #specialmemories for you and your kid (s), memories that make you smile, laugh, bring tears to your eyes, joy to your heart and most importantly, memories that will last a lifetime!

 As we make our way towards March 17th, I thought I would share...oh, and by the way, my daughter has come up with another version of how we celebrate the first 17 days of March ....may the luck of the Irish be with you today and always!

Having a child makes every holiday different then with no kids at all.  My first St. Patty's day with my daughter that was different was when she was in her two year old preschool class.  I will never forget picking her up from school and seeing her with her construction paper #leprechaun hat and pot of gold.  It was so cute! It made me realize, all holidays, even minor ones, would never be the same.  
The next year St. Patty's day came and  new exciting tales came with it.  Her preschool teacher was Irish and had many fun ideas for the kids.  Toilets turning green, #Leprechaun foot prints around the school, gold chocolate coins left for you by the #Leprechaun and gold rocks.  I had my work cut out for me, because I had no idea of any of these St. Patty's Day traditions.  I was in a scramble last year to make these traditions come true for my daughter.  I remember talking to my sister about them and she was like 'that's a lot of pressure the teacher put on you to make these things come true'.  While it was true, I was intent on making my daughter happy and seeing her face light up in these new St. Patty's day traditions.  I had much to food coloring, gold chocolate coins, gold rocks, this should be easy....wrong!  I had to go to 4 stores to find the candy and rocks.  The food coloring was easy (even though I was unsure if it would stain my toilet bowl green).  In the end I did not find any gold coins, but I made do with gold jelly beans and found big chocolate gold rocks.  During the process I was a bit stressed out in search for the perfect St. Patty's day memories.  In the end I was thrilled to watch my daughters excitement when she woke up the next day to find the green toilet, trail of gold coins and a perfect pouch of gold jelly beans. She was thrilled and it is a memory that will last forever.  
I vowed to myself after that day, I would be prepared next St. Patty days, well here we are and I am not.  She came home from school on Wednesday and told me she saw the #Leprechaun foot steps at school, the toilet was green and she thought she would be getting gold coins today at school from the #Leprechaun. She then took it a step further and has been leaving small trinkets of candy and pennies out for him a couple of times a day....are we taking it to far?  Maybe, but the fun, excitement and joy it brings her is well worth it.  
So here we go again,  green food coloring, gold coins and gold rocks....less than two weeks to go, more time than last year...wish me luck!  May the luck of the #Leprechaun be with you this St. Patty's day!  All my best,  Dyan

#makethetime and #takethetime

Teach your kids to be accountable

Click on the link above to hear my friend and fellow mom of 3 kids, Lauren, share her ideas on kids and accountability.
How many times, even as adults, do we not take #accountability for our actions?  Many times I am faced with situations where I have to stop and make sure I am taking #accountability for my actions.  Whether it is a choice we make at work, in our daily life or with your kid.  Take #accountability for your actions.  Teaching our kids to do this now will make them be better adults. They will be able to survive better in all areas of life.  The responsibility of taking #accountability will effect them personally, in school and then eventually in the business world.  There are many adults I know that do not take #accountability for their actions, as I watch in disbelief, I want to ask them "Are you kidding me?"  You can't tell you are the reason for that mistake or reaction to your action"....Now I am not perfect, nor do I pretend to be, but as I grow older, I have realized that taking #accountability makes me a better person, mother, wife and will teach my daughter to be a better kid, friend and eventually, adult.  #Makethetime and #takethetime and #teachyourkidstobeaccountable for their actions, no matter what the result of their action. 

#takethetime & #makethetime to #raiseamazingkids

Thanks for stopping by at Moms, kids and friends,  "Where moms get together and share ideas about kids and life".  All of my best, Dyan

De-stress Your Mornings to Make Your Holidays More Cheerful

De-stress Your Mornings to Make Your Holidays More Cheerful

Written by Daniel Sherwin          

This is the time of year for joy and thanksgiving. It’s also the time of year for stress. One thing that you can do to make your holidays less stressful is to create a morning routine that gets everyone up and on their way. Here are some tips:

Image Source:

Additional Holiday Morning Routine Resources:

1. Prep the night before and other tips on how to establish a morning routine for kids that actually works
2. Easy and effective home organization tips
3. De-stress your morning routine tips
4. Breakfast to go and other secrets to getting the kids to school on time
5. Get plenty of sleep and other tips on how to establish a morning routine for kids that actually works
6. Play music (Revolutionary morning routine hack for kids)
Now that you’ve figured out how to de-stress your morning routine, you’re ready to take on the holiday challenges. Bake those cookies! Light those candles! Decorate and decompress.
You’ve got this covered!
Side note:  You do have this covered!  Thank you Daniel for your tips to keep our homes flowing with less stress and positive energy for our kids!  I hope you all enjoyed these tips!  Wonderful reminders on how to keep everything flowing in your mornings, but can easily be forgotten with everything going on in all of our lives!!
Remember to #makethetime & #takethetime to de-stress this holiday season.

To see more of Daniels ideas, please visit his website at


All of my best,

How To Help Your Child Cope With Cyberbullying In A New School

How To Help Your Child Cope With Cyberbullying In A New School
by Joyce Wilson                                             

Moving is stressful at any age, but for children, the prospect of relocating and changing schools can be especially traumatic. Oftentimes, “the new kid” is subject to being picked on in the new school. To complicate matters, cyberbullying can be especially challenging for parents and kids alike. How do you help your child cope when bullying isn’t happening face to face?

Here are some tips and tools to help.

Being the new kid
Moving can be very stressful for children. Some experts recommend moving when there is already a planned transition, like after the school year completes or before entering high school. Psychology Today suggests that changes in the middle of the school year or in the middle of high school can be much harder.  Here are some great suggestions for helping your child through the transition:
● Let your child know early on that you will be moving
● Let your child vent worries without judging him or her
● Have a going away party
● Allow your child to make some of the decisions relating to the move
● Help your child to keep in touch with old friends
During the adolescent years, kids are in the process of learning who they are as individuals, preparing to leave the nest, and are forging deeper friendships with their peers. That evolution has a big hiccup when a move is involved. If your child becomes the target of a bully on top of all that, experts say it can be emotionally devastating.

Tools in your toolbag
Some experts recommend a conversation about bullying to give your child some basic coping skills. The Los Angeles Times recommends watching this great video to open lines of communication with your child about bullying.
It also suggests three simple tips for dealing with bullies:
1. “That’s not cool.” If the bully is a friend, your child can use these three little words to address the issue.
2. Tell the school. Your child can approach a teacher or other school official with the problem.
3. Don’t laugh. Laughter encourages bullies.

Cyberbullying occurs when kids use technology to bully their peers. Bullies use avenues such as texting or social media to harass or embarrass victims. It has become so rampant that some studies show one in four adolescents is cyberbullied. It can seem overwhelming and complicated when the situation isn’t occurring in person. Here is how you can respond if you believe your child is being cyberbullied:
Be supportive. Make sure your child knows coming to you is the right thing to do, and he or she is not to blame for the situation. Encourage your child not to fan the flames by responding to the bully. Be sure the school is aware of the situation and see if a counselor is available to talk with your child.
Be protective. Record all of the evidence you can. If you have photos, screenshots, text messages, or voice recordings, save them. Then block the bully on all accounts and devices.
Be comforting. Kids respond to your stress with more anxiety. Your fearful response tells your child there is something to fear. Instead, maintain a positive attitude and keep lines of communication open.

Less stress at home
Having a safe haven at home can help your child cope with stress. Here are some helpful tips:
● Get a calm start on the day, not rushed or chaotic.
● Be sure your child gets enough sleep.
● Instead of staying chronically busy, be sure you child is getting sufficient downtime.
● Talk with your child and offer advice, but don’t be critical.
● Set aside some alone time in a quiet space to disconnect from others and make time for yourself

Moving forward
Being the new kid isn’t easy, especially if targeted by a bully. Prepare your child with some basic tools, keep lines of communication open, and make sure your home is as stress-free as possible. You can help your child cope, even with a cyberbully.
Side note:  I hope you enjoyed reading this information as much as I did.  Thank you Joyce for sharing ideas on how to stop and cope with bullying.  You can check out her website at

Please #makethetime and #takethetime today to talk to your child about bullying.

No child should ever be bullied or bully.

It all starts at home by teaching your child to be kind and respect one another.

If we, as parents and caregivers, #takeastand together to stop bullying we can #makeadifference

Show your kids you care.


All of my best, Dyan

MOMS, KIDS AND FRIENDS – “Todays Funny, Cutie Quote” A funny story, cute quote, funny idea, laugh out loud, smile moment. Today I am #grateful for my daughter

MOMS, KIDS AND FRIENDS – “Todays Funny, Cutie Quote” A funny story, cute quote, funny idea, laugh out loud, smile moment. Today I am #grateful for my daughter

This morning I went into my office to organize and pick-up. As I started shuffling through papers, organizing mail, bills and such I came across this cute #lovenote for my daughter.

She does this from time to time, she leaves me little #lovenotes. #Iloveit when she does it because it makes my day! It seems that I always have a pile of something to go through my office and when I am in there working and come across one of these notes, I smile….and sometimes, I even take the note and stick it in the bottom of the pile so I see it again when I am finished with my task. I know it sounds crazy! But it makes my day and makes the tedious task so much more worth it!

When I came across this #lovenote my daughter left me. I thought it was so cute and I laughed out loud, So I wanted to share it!
Slime may be all the rage right now, but I am happy to know that mommy (at least in her world) still comes first!
I have to believe that in showing my daughter how much I love her with #hugs and words and spending #qualitytime with her and #MakingTheTime & #TakingTheTime to spend #qualitytime with her, has made a huge difference in her life and mine!

I hope you enjoy today’s #cutiequote
And I hope you#MakeTheTime & #TakeTheTime
All of my best, Dyan

Grateful Pumpkin - #funeasyinexpensivekidcraft

Grateful Pumpkin - #funeasyinexpensivekidcraft

Our October was so busy with fun that we never had the chance to carve our pumpkins this year (or I tried to squeeze in last week, but with everything we do in the last week of October it would have been forced and rushed. My daughter was fine with it because she had already decorated two pumpkins for Halloween and as the week quickly went by, I was already starting to think about what else I would do with these pumpkins. The idea of #gratefulpumpkin came to me and I was more excited about these than that's what we did!
What we used to create our #gratefulpumpkin:
1. A pumpkin (any size but bigger let's you write more things you are #grateful for - which is so important to teach your kids being #grateful)
2. Fall color construction paper
3. Glue stick
4. Sharpies
5. Scissors


Cut a pretty design out of your construction paper. If your child can write have them write Our #GratefulPumpkin on paper, if not you can write. Glue to front of pumpkin


Have each person in your family write something you are #grateful for and add one thing everyday. By the end of the month you will have many things that you and your child are #grateful for and can reflect on each day. That's it!


What we learned: How to #reuse items around the house, the use of scissors, practice writing, spelling and being #grateful of course!
What we shared: Creativity, fun, discussing what #gratitude is and why being #grateful for the wonderful people and things in our lives is so important, quality time and memories.
My husband even got in on our #grateful pumpkin which is atypical for him to join in on our moms,kids and friends stuff. #ILoveit....this became a family thing.


#Makethetime and #takethetime today to share time with your family and talk about #gratitude, what your #amazingkids are #grateful for, what you are #grateful for and the importance of #gratitude!
I am excited to hear my daughters responses each day. We have one rule. If it is already on the pumpkin and another family member has written it, we can not repeat what we are #grateful for, but have to come up with something new.
My daughter is so excited about this simple and fun way to express her #gratitude, she said she wants to come up with two things everyday!
You'll be glad you did! 
All of my best. May you have a wonderful start to this November. Dyan

Make today a fun and safe Halloween!

#Halloween already?  Yes it is!  Halloween is a time for making memories and having fun!  This morning my daughter couldn't tell me enough how excited that she was for Halloween.  While today is a great day for enjoying time with your kids, it also can be a dangerous and unsafe holiday.


I came across this very informative post from Amber Alert GPS so I wanted to share.  I have added a link to this website as it has a wealth of information to keep our children safe not only on #Halloween but on everyday of the year. They offer a great GPS device so you can know where your children are...not to check up on them...but to keep them safe! Please see the link on my links page as I believe all of the information will benefit you and your kids.

Make it a #safeHalloween.

All of my best, Dyan

See below for #tipsforasafehalloween

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids
Copyright © 2014 Amber Alert GPS, All rights reserved

Summer is over, the children are back in school, and Halloween is here.

While your little ones are busy deciding whether they want to be a Frozen character or a Marvel superhero, you’re wondering what you can do to keep them safe this year.
We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 safety tips to keep young children happy, healthy and safe this Halloween: 

#1: Supervise Trick or Treating
Trick or treaters under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult. As you’re making the rounds of your neighborhood, remind your children of basic safety rules such as only knocking on doors with exterior lights on and never entering a stranger’s house. 

#2: Review Traffic Safety
More children are struck by cars on Halloween than any other night of the year, according to the Safe Kids organization. That doesn’t mean you should be scared to let your kids out of the house that night, but that you need to make sure they understand how to be a safe pedestrian.
Review the following rules with your children:
  • Look both ways before crossing the street. (Ideally, you should look right, left, and then right again.)
  • Only cross at street corners, stoplights or crosswalks.
  • Never cross against a green (or yellow) light.
  • Never run when crossing the street.
  • Stick to the sidewalk between houses.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of a stopped car and wait for them to wave you on.

#3: Double-Check Costumes
Whatever your little one wants to “be” this Halloween, make sure their costume won’t post a safety hazard.
Costumes should be the right size for your child so they don’t trip over them, and materials should be flame resistant. Watch out for any potentially dangerous accessories like swords and teach your child not to swing these items around as they could hurt other kids (or themselves). Do a test run with any makeup to make sure your child isn’t allergic to it.
For added safety while they’re out and about, consider adding reflective tape or stickers to your child’s costume or bag and giving them flashlights or glow sticks to carry with them.

#4: Bundle Up
Halloween night can bring everything from mild temperatures to wind and rain, depending on where you live. Make sure your child will be covered for the weather, and add extra layers underneath their costume for added warmth. Also make sure they’re wearing warm, dry shoes they’ll be able to walk in easily.

#5. Decorate With an Eye for Safety
Keep your kids, and others, safe by making sure your front yard and driveway don’t pose any risks to trick or treaters. These areas should be well-lit, free of debris, and clear of any wet leaves (or, heaven forbid, snow) kids could slip on.
Stay away from fire hazards by opting for solar lights or faux “candles” lit by bulbs, and make sure they aren’t placed anywhere they can be knocked over.

#6: Set Candy Rules
Unless you personally know and trust the neighbor handing out homemade treats, it’s always best to play it on the safe side and toss any unwrapped items like cookies or popcorn balls. Ditto for candy with a torn or punctured wrapper.
Discourage your children from eating candy while they trick or treat—the sugar can add up fast, plus it can pose a choking hazard if they trip while they’re walking. Make sure your kids don’t trick or treat on an empty stomach, and when you get home, hold their candy stash for them and dole out reasonable amounts as you see fit over the days to come.

#7: Advise Against Stranger Danger
Your children should know that not all "strangers" are bad -- some strangers, like police officers, are the ones they should seek if they're in trouble. Talk to them about the myth of "stranger danger" and help them understand how to distinguish a potentially dangerous stranger from a safer one.

Halloween is a time when everyone seems very inviting, and kids can get overly excited and forget what you’ve taught them. 

Remind your children of what to do if they’re approached by a stranger, invited into a stranger’s home or car, or if someone asks them for personal information. If they have a safety wearable like AlertGPS attached to their costume, remind them that they can send an SOS with the simple push of a button.
Did You Know...

The Amber Alert GPS safety wearable helps your kids stay safe all year long.  Here are a few tips on how the wearable can be used on Halloween night --

1. Know your neighbors. Don't let your child knock on the door of a registered sex offender! The Amber Alert GPS safety wearable offers a feature that allows you to check an area for the homes of registered sex offender locations. Take advantage of this feature before your kids go off trick-or-treating. You can even get a text message if your child comes within 500ft of a registered sex offender's home on Halloween night (or any other night of the year.)

2. Set a "safe zone" around the area where your children are trick-or-treating. This zone could be as narrow as a block, or as wide as the entire neighborhood -- that's up to you. If your child wanders outside of their safe zone, you will get an instant alert.

3. Stay connected. Use the 2-way voice calling feature in case you and your child get separated. Thanks to this feature, you and your child can talk to each other with the push of a button.

4. Stay aware. Do your older children love to stay independent on Halloween night? Do they dislike following their little brother and sister around? No problem. Just use the geo-location map to see exactly where your children are. 

Copyright © 2014 Amber Alert GPS, All rights reserved

#Happyhalloween party - #simplefun

We had our annual #happyhalloween party this weekend! As usual we were pressed for time but worked hard to make it happen! Incase you decide to throw a last minute party for your kids we wanted to share a few ideas.
My daughters food choices were a cute addition!
Cheese, olive and chive flour tortillas decorated as pumpkins.

Cutie oranges peeled and decorated with celery leaves to look like pumpkins.
We used purple organic grapes on skewers to give our serving platter a finished look.

The left over celery we washed and cut and added almond butter and decorated with dried cranberries.  I found a better finished version of this on-line

Unfortunately, I did not have all the ingredients, but if you do I would suggest these instead.

We made witches brooms with cheese sticks Snyders GF pretzels wrapped with the chives.  There are many varieties of these on-line we used chives already cut and ready to go much easier and faster prep time. 

And of course our magic potion station!  The kids always love this!
#magicpotion drink for kids
 We made rice krispie treats, instead of cutting them or shaping them into pumpkins, we made a silly pumpkin graveyard batch...definitely a time saver!


This years activities included decorating pumpkins, making slime and Halloween #Mad Libs. 
Your local grocery should have small pumpkins for less than $1....and the kids love to decorate these.  We typically use stickers/pens/stamps or paint.  Whatever we have on hand.  Another way to save money on your party!
We love slime!! 
I found these containers at the dollar store so the kids could mix and take the container home.  No mess for me and the container is perfect for the slime so it doesn't dry out!  We always give a party favor to our guests.  These gifts were around $3.  Not bad for a pumpkin and slime!!

We love Highlights in our family.  The book we used for our mad libs is a wonderful book of Halloween Mad Libs from Highlights.  My daughter picked two out she wanted to do with her friends.  I made copies for the girls.  When they finished filling them in they each stood up and read to each other.  One thing I always do at our parties is include something educational.  This activity made the girls think and they also practiced reading and speaking in front of others.  Of course they don't realize this...because they are having fun too!
#madlibs educational #simplefun

At the end of the day I received the best compliment ever!  One of the girls said to me that we throw the best parties ever!  #ilove it  It made our day!

#Maketime & #Taketime to spend #qualitytime with your kids this #Halloween.  Whether you go all out or do a couple simple things.  It is this time, any time, that we spend with our kids, that makes a difference in their lives and yours and helps you to raise  #amazingkids 

All of my best!

Happy Halloween #DIY Haunted House

This is a repost from a past #Halloween.  I just loved doing this so much I had to repost!!  It is wonderful to look back and see our #HappyHalloween families (ghosts, monsters and pumpkins) come together for a super cute, inexpensive and fun #DIY #Halloween decoration.  Store bought is easy because you just put it up and your done.  But making these #funeasyinexpensivekidcrafts brings memories that last a lifetime!!   Also bringing a sense of accomplishment to your child and a real feel of holiday traditions that you can create together.   I hope you enjoy making them as much as my daughter and I did.   All of my best, Dyan


Even if your kids are too young to go to a Haunted House you can still create one at home and it doesn't have to be scary either.  My daughter is getting older and is starting to understand all about #Halloween and loved doing all the #Halloweencrafts We finished up our craft week with a Haunted House that goes with all of our other Happy ghouls.  We then displayed it on a table and it really turned out to be a super cute #Halloween decoration/centerpiece for our buffet table.  This craft is fun, easy and inexpensive my motto! 
#Whatwelearned -  Measuring and cutting. How messy glue can really be. Being creative is total #kidfun
#WhatIlearned - My daughter can draw her very own haunted house and didn't need my help!!! She also spelled Boo on her own and is getting quite good at drawing ghosts all by herself. A happy moment for both of us.
All you need:  Small to Large size box (we used a medium one), several pieces of black construction paper, scissors, glue, white marker or crayon, miscellaneous Halloween stickers (foam or regular or both) and some small tea lights for the walkway.

How to:
Fit black paper by cutting to size and glue around the box.
Take your white crayon and (depending on how old your child is) let them draw their own version of a haunted house, add windows, doors, a fence, trees, what ever inspires you or your child.
Add tea lights for a special touch.
Your done!

#inspireyourchild  raise #amazingkids

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