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Happy Pumpkln Family
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#CutestValentinesEver - #HappyHearts to you

Heart Balloons
Heart Balloons
First step - picked up balloons
Craft supplies
Craft supplies
craft sticks, glue, paper
Craft sticks
Craft sticks
Handwritten name
Heart shaped paper
Heart shaped paper
Valentines Day cards
Valentines Day cards
Valentines day card and gift bag
Valentines day card and gift bag
Valentine Girl puppet
Valentine Girl puppet
Our favorite
Balloons and Valentines gift bags
Balloons and Valentines gift bags
With puppets
Boy!  What a success!!  These turned out cuter than I could of ever imagined...they really were not that much work and the #Valentine card gift bag was not that much money to put together.  I found a deal on the balloons at a dollar a piece and the craft cards were only about a dollar each with a couple of pieces of candy what a hit and definitely the #CutestValentinesEver   What we learned:  following directions, practicing handwriting, trial and error-what worked best where, creativity, uniqueness-just like everyone looks different so did our hand puppets, teamwork, using glue, counting, sorting and filling with our bags and treats.  What we shared:  using our imaginations, our ideas, creating happiness and joy, a fun-filled couple of hours. 
What we used:
craft sticks
heart shaped paper (foam, stickies or construction paper will do) pink, red or white
pom pom balls
googlie eyes
decorative valentines day bags
couple pieces of candy to fill
heart shaped balloons
Enjoy making your #Valentines, whether homemade or conventional, just take the time to do it!  It will bring excitement and joy to your child and create memories for you both, that you will cherish forever. 
May love, happiness and joy fill your day this #Valentines.  #HappyHearts to you!  Dyan

First Day of Kindergarten Pictures

My Little Angel
My Little Angel
The first day of Kindergarten.
The first day at pick-up
I couldn't wait to hear all about her day.
The first day at pick-up
A special treat from her teacher!
A special treat from her teacher!
Look for these cookie cutters on-line via the link on my link page
Her surprise at home.
Congratulations to my little girl!
Her surprise at home.
I hope your kids first day went well or will go well!!  Make it special-make it fun-make a wonderful memory for everyone!  All of my best!  Dyan

Put trust in your child - the person I learned from this week - a mother and daughter - valuable lessons to share

Trust in your child.  I feel that this is a must for my relationship with my daughter.  When we were picking up the balloons last week for Valentines Day my daughter asked to hold the whole bunch of 18 balloons.  I told her she could, but she had to hold on super duper tight because if she didn't, they would all fly away.  (I have learned to always tell the why after anything, my daughter responds better to explanations).  I noticed another mother and her daughter observing us and our conversation.  The daughter was about 11 years old.  The mother said, "Wow!  You have a lot of trust in your daughter."  I replied, "Yes, I guess I do" (even though I had not given it much thought up to this point in the last 5 years).  The mother told me that she didn't think that she would let her daughter hold them with fear of her letting go.  I asked the daughter if she would let them go, she replied that she would.  I asked at this age, or when you were 5, she laughed and told me both.  I asked her why and she told me she would like to see them float away, because she thought they would look beautiful in the sky. I agreed that they would and we laughed.  After I walked away, I thought about trust and my daughter and how important it will be the older she gets.  Knowing this will be about more important things then holding the balloons.  Even if she did let go of the balloons, it would of been ok.  She didn't... but we would of survived the crisis. 
What we learned: giving her the chance to hold the balloons was a more important choice - it made her feel good and that she was helping out, responsibility and trust.
What we shared: a lesson in trust with another mother daughter, teamwork, listening skills (I heard her when she told me she wanted to hold them, not only the physical part of her wanting to do it, but what it would mean to her) and a bonding moment with another mother and daughter.
Trust your child today. It will bring many rewards to both of you and your relationship will grow because of it. All my best to you, Dyan

Valentines for school an unique idea

Valentines Day is right around the corner, so, my daughter and I put on our thinking caps for her school Valentines. We don't like to do the run of the mill Valentines with a store bought card and some candy, (even though, this year I was very tempted because of all the uncertainty in our lives the last few months and the unsettled living we have been experiencing).  So, we thought we would do the dollar section toys and grab bags filled with odd and end Valentines day gadgets and such in a pretty bag.  I then talked to one of my friends and she told me that is what she was doing this year, because her daughter hasn't done anything like that before.  I what??  A couple of days later, I overheard an advertisement on the TV for heart shaped balloons on sale.  Prefect!  So, that is what we are doing...heart shaped balloons (I checked with her teacher first to make sure it was ok, do this too if using this idea), with heart shaped balloon holders (which I had to do a bit of searching for, but turned out better than the usual balloon clip holder), a couple pieces of Valentines day candy (because what is Valentines day without a piece of candy or two) and our hand made Valentine puppets (which we got the idea for the craft from our favorite monthly magazine).  I do not have a picture for you of the finished project, but will after I get the balloons.  Did you know there is a helium shortage?  Crazy right?  Well, there is, so get those orders in to make sure you get those holiday balloons filled.  We are looking forward to making our puppets, filling the bags and picking up the balloons.  I had to be a bit more creative this year, but it worked for me and will work for you!  We also will be doing another Valentines day craft, which we will post in the next day or so...time permitting.  With our recent move back home, I am a bit behind on everything...but I remember - to take a deep breath and know it will all get done.  And the extra craft time?  I make time to take time and it is well worth it!!  What we learned:  if we put our thinking caps on - we can always come up with a unique idea, how to problem solve, don't get discouraged if you find someone is doing what you were thinking of doing and being creative is fun!  What we shared: fun, quality time, make the time to take the time to put a smile on each others faces and new ideas can be better than old ones.
Happy Pre-Valentines day to you.  May you spend some quality time with a loved one this week.  Dyan
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